Hey Yipsters! We’re Erin and Dimitri, a couple of Greek yogurt geeks on a mission to share our reimagined yogurt snack with the world! Seriously, the world needs this stuff...

So what’s our deal? We were inspired to create a new snack when Erin was taking classes at UW Madison in addition to co-owning Parthenon Gyros restaurant, sitting on several industry boards, volunteering, figure skating, and basically stretching herself to the max. She’d leave early in the morning, take classes for hours and continue working until late in the night.


Her picky belly wasn’t happy with any snack options in vending machines (think unhealthy potato chips, candy bars disguised as "energy bars" and boring nuts). She makes kick-ass yogurt bowls and wanted to bring them to snack on, but obviously couldn’t carry a fridge all day long. Plus eating with a spoon while on-the-go is annoying and inconvenient. So what to do? Make a yogurt chip! 


Why yogurt? We have a 3rd generation Greek restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin where we hand-craft the BEST Greek yogurt on the planet. We’re super proud of it - it’s healthy, probiotic, thick, rich, creamy...pretty much perfect. We eat it religiously every single day, so we had the ridiculous idea, “let’s make a whole yogurt bowl into a chip!” But how the fork do we do that?


We start with rich and creamy probiotic yogurt, add a little prebiotic honey for sweetness, fruit packed with antioxidants for some tang, energy-boosting, protein-packed seeds for crunch and a little chocolate for fun. Dry ‘em up and crunch ‘em down. A little this, a little that, a LOT of experimenting, then, BOOM, Yips was born!


Yips come with us everywhere, and now we want to share them with you. When we open a bag of Yips, we love that we know exactly what we’re putting in our bodies, and because they’re probiotic and good for our digestive and immune systems, we get the warm and fuzzies knowing we’re doing our bodies a favor obsessively scarfing down this tasty snack. 


So there you have it, the best of both worlds...happy and healthy.

Yips Yogurt Chips.
Reimagine Your Yogurt.


All the feels and flavors,


Erin + Dimitri

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